Studio Gear

Live Sound Equipment

Studio Equipment



An assortment of large and small diaphragm condensers for recording the softest guitar or a powerful vocal! Our Telefunken AR-51 is particularly nice as it was modified by Fox Audio Research to match the specs of the world famous Telefunken ELAM 251.


Punchy and capable of handling loud sources, our collection of dynamic microphones cover the industry standards, plus a few more unique characters.


Known for their smooth, natural response, it’s always a good idea to have a couple ribbons in the mic locker. We’ve been really enjoying our stereo matched pair of Royer R-10 mics. 




There’s a lot that can be done “in the box” and while you can make some great recordings with plugins, I’ve found to my ears, you can’t beat the sound of sending sound through the real thing. 

Reverbs & FX

To help make recording more enjoyable, we have our reverb units hooked up so you can add that spice to your headphones while you sing but can still be changed later. The TC M5000 is also a really cool unit, for how old it is, a lot of the same algorithms are still used in their modern counterparts.


In our hybrid approach, part of our set up is to record and mix through our Midas console as well as through some beautiful high end analog preamps.



Guitar Amps/Cabinets

We specialize in full band production and having a good amp sound can be so important, so we try to have some high end gear on hand to make your recording sound as good as possible!

Bass Amps/Cabinets

Bass is easy to record direct but it’s hard to beat the sound of a cranked tube amp like the SVT-VR to add something real to your recording.


To make recording easier for you, we provide a well tuned kit that we know will get you a great sound without the hassle of setting up your own. We also have an assortment of high end snares and cymbals available to all clients. 

Live Sound Equipment


We can do small backyard events, to weddings to concerts up to 5000 people! 


For lighting up a music video, corporate speech or full concert, we’ve got it covered!


We can help with staging for a meeting or wedding, we have podiums, screens and trussing to make an event more unique.